Yao Yao     Born in 1989 ,Chongqing, China
Graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2012.

2020 14th Pollux Awards,Barcelona,Spain
2019 Nature Art—DuYun International Photography Exhibition,GuiZhou,China
2019 Asia Illustration Fair,ShangHai,China
2019 Self-Attitude ChongQing Contemporary Smallworks Collection Promotion Plan,ChongQing,China
2019 The Starry Sky - Personal Art project,Davao,Philippine
2018 ShangHai Young Art Fair,ShangHai,China
2018 Unicorn Art Fair 2018(Aranya),BeiDaiHe,China
2018 PingYao Group Exhibition Of Female Photographers,ShanXi,China
2018 MIA PHOTOFAIR, Milan,Italy
2018 Tech For Social Good—The Internet And The Daily Life Of Chinese People,BeiJing,China
2017 8th New Star Art Awards, NanJing,China
2017 ChengDu Design Week, ChengDu,China
2017 "Ksana Spirits" On The Road International Art Exhibition, Milan,Italy
2017 Analysis Of Personal Cases Of 100 Chinese Post 85s Photographers From Natural Growth, Shanxi,China
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